Kevin D. Wade

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Kevin D. Wade is a founder and the chief executive officer of Top Coders LLC. His unique skills and experience in entertainment, technology innovation, and strategic development are clearly visible in his many past successes, and particularly throughout this site.

Mr. Wade's enthusiasm and commitment to excellence are at the pinnacle, as reflected in the MyCoders name and our competitive environment. His optimism and devotion to people is the essence of our rapidly expanding opportunities. His vision and leadership is the driving force behind our success. From the beginning, Mr. Wade wanted MyCoders to reflect the highest levels of thought, opportunity, talent and technical expertise. This site is designed to attract, recognize, reward and retain the world's most ambitious visionaries and talented architects.

MyCoders recognizes the extraordinary talent of our members. However, our commitment to these freelance professionals doesn't stop there. We have launched the most aggressive entry into the freelance markets worldwide. Our web sites are build "by MyCoders, for MyCoders." Indeed, our entire organization is made up of freelance professionals and accurately reflects the incessant and relentless nature of today's most competitive 24x7 global enterprises.

Prior to launching MyCoders in 2004, Mr. Wade was president of Web Native Technologies, a freelance development company based in Gilbert, Arizona.

Previously, Mr. Wade spent nearly a decade working in management and development for several large technology companies. His last position was Sr. Manager, e-Business Strategy, for Caldera Systems/PartnerAxis (2000 to 2001), where he was responsible for all e-commerce activities and led development of the Electronic Linux Marketplace. Additionally, Mr. Wade was Manager, Push Technology, at Novell Technical Services, Novell (1997 to 2000), one of three managers responsible for Novell's global electronic support infrastructure and operations. Finally, he was Sr. Technical Project Manager with Folio Corporation (now NextPage) (1992 to 1997), where he designed and developed many large multimedia and electronic publishing products for Folio's largest corporate clients. Mr. Wade serves on the board of directors of TopPay, an affiliate specializing in advanced (global) payment systems (solutions) and technology (services). He is a founding member of the Freelance Association, an industry consortium organized to promote international employment, business opportunities, and economic growth. He also serves as senior technical advisor for the Charity Alliance, a philanthropic entity that provides financial assistance and technical expertise to charities and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Mr. Wade received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and an International Business Certificate in Asian Studies from Arizona State University. He also studied film in graduate school at UCLA and USC.